Urban Green is focused on investing in projects where it can create value through capital improvements, correcting operational inefficiencies or obtaining entitlements. Urban Green targets a diversified range of asset types with varying risk-return profiles. Urban Green uses its discretionary capital, deep experience and diverse relationships to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Capital. Urban Green is able to offer sellers certainty of execution and quick timeframes in part due to its discretionary capital. The partners of Urban Green invest in each transaction and are the sole decision makers for the investments of the company.

Experience. Urban Green understands that each stage of the economic cycle presents its own set of risks and opportunities. With over 135 years of real estate experience across multiple asset classes within
the team, Urban Green can identify unique acquisitions and execute complicated business plans regardless of the broader economy.

Relationships. Building long-term relationships is crucial to the Urban Green platform. Whether it is with accredited investors, institutional funds, or local operating partners, Urban Green is committed to conducting business with speed and integrity, both of which are critical in expanding upon the firm’s success.

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